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This page has been updated with many new signs, shelf's, furniture, and hooked items!  Please check back often we will be updating approx. twice a month of our In Stock Items!  We also will be offering many one-of-a-kinds, and bringing our Folk Sculptures & Carvings back by popular demand!  New Hooked Rug items on wood coming soon too!  Stay Tuned!

Join our Antiques Group (Graybill's Antiques & Folk Art), too !! Contact us for more info.

Our Showroom is now Open!!

Appointments are necessary unless there is a scheduled event.  We will be doing several events this year.  Please check our website often for updates on these events.  There will also be mailers sent out, for those on are mailing list.  Not sure if you are on our mailing list?  Please email us with your name & address.  We'd be happy to include you in future mailings.

Our Showroom is stocked with our Folk Art, Furniture, Signs, Hooked Rug Items, etc.  We also have 4 different lines of Redware, Strawser Carvings, Moxnix Textiles, Family Heirloom Textiles,  Shooner Redware, Handmade Dolls, Antiques, & much more!!



Available exclusively at Colonial Williamsburg and their official website www.williamsburgmarketplace.com 

Tavern and trade signs of the Historic Locations of Colonial Williamsburg including the Taverns, and several of the Trade Shops.  Can be seen at multiple locations throughout the Historic District and at The Craft House and Dewitt Museum Store’s.



Marvin Bailey & Jeff at the Hillsville, Virginia Show


All Items are Sold!!  These are our newest items and all can be ordered.
(Please Contact Us for Pricing & Information)






For Pricing on all gameboards, please contact us.




Currently In Stock Items: (Please Inquiry for Pricing & Availability) All Sold, Can Be Ordered

**** Please Note for those of you that are rug hookers:  All hooked rug/wood items listed above can be ordered as patterns and kits.  Each piece will come with the pattern drawn on primitive linen, and the wood piece painted to the color of your choice.  Candles & Hooks will be included.  Also, a color photo of the completed project will be included.  Please Call For Pricing.  ****
New Items:


George Washington Sign


J. Bartlett Sign


Drugstore Sign


Strangers Resort Sign/Shelf w/hooks

SOLD (Can Be Ordered As Any Sign, Pricing & Size will vary)

Boston Baked Beans Sign


D. Loomis Inn Sign


Ship Trade Sign


William & Mary Chest of Drawers


Fireboards (Fireplace Screens)


Tall Settle Bench with lift seat/storage.  Fraktur Style

SOLD! Can Be Ordered.

Hanging Cupboard w/ Rat Tail Hinges. Fraktur Painting


Reproduction 2pc. Stepback Cupboard.  Size can be custom made to order

SOLD! Please Inquire About Price

Hanging Cupboard w/ Rat Tail Hinges. Fraktur Painting


"Fireboards" for fireplace openings

*Can be custom made to fit fireplace openings.  Pricing Varies

"Rufus Porter Style" Shelf w/hooks

SOLD!  Can Be Ordered.


"Taunton Style" Shelf w/hooks

SOLD! Can Be Ordered.


"Jonas Weber Style" Shelf w/hooks

SOLD! Can Be Ordered.

Paint Decorated Settle Bench w/lift lid, hand forged hinges.

38"Long X 40"High X 19"Deep

SOLD!!  Can Be Ordered. 

Hanging Cupboard w/hooked rug panel.  Grain painted.

26"High X 16 1/2"Wide X 6 1/2"Deep

SOLD!!  Can Be Ordered. 

Large Hanging Cupboard w/double hooked rug panels.  Grain painted.

42"High X 16 1/2"Wide X 7"Deep

Can Be Ordered. 

Dovetailed Hanging Salt Box

Reproduction of Antique Original

12"High X 8 1/2"Wide X 7"Deep

Can Be Ordered. 

Antique Store Counter. Dovetailed Case w/ 12 Dovetailed Drawers. Hand Painted Antique Reproduction Mahantago Valley Painting.

SOLD!!  Can Be Ordered.  Price Varies

Hooked Rug Stoneware Jug w/Blue Bird.

Approx. 24" High

SOLD!! Can Be Ordered.

Hooked Rug Stoneware Jar w/Handles. Blue Decorated Flowers.

Approx. 24"High

SOLD!! Can Be Ordered.

Hooked Rug Stoneware Pitcher w/Blue Decorated Flowers.

Approx. 24"High

SOLD!! Can Be Ordered.

Please check back with this page often to find out more on what's new.


"Before & After"

The photos below show the 'before & after' of just some of the furniture that we have painted.  Do you have a blanket chest, cupboard, dry sink?  Whatever the piece, if you want to give it new life and have it painted, please give us a call or send us an email.  Pricing will vary depending on each piece, detail of painting that you choose, and prep work such as sanding, fixing legs, tightening of trim, etc.  So, let us turn your piece or pieces into a True Treasure.  Each piece will be signed, dated, & personalized, if you choose.



Antique William & Mary Chest of Drawers


Antique William & Mary Chest of Drawers w/Taunton Style Painting & Brass Hardware


Antique Stepback Cupboard


Antique Stepback Cupboard w/Original Design Fraktur Paint Decoration


Antique Blanket Chest


Antique Blanket Chest w/Paint Decoration



Antique New England Blanket Chest w/Drawer


Antique New England Blanket Chest w/Drawer & Paint Decoration






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